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A Red House Weekend (And Things That Make Me Crazy)

Spring has arrived at the Red House. The bamboo is coming back to life which I think is the neatest thing to see up here so far North. I even managed to pick a few thin stalks of asparagus that … Continue reading

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Learning How To Make Sandbags

I didn’t plan on spending this past week up at the Red House learning how to make sandbags, but I did. My TOP TEN list of things I could have done this week included: Sleeping Making ice cream with my … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend: Weeds, BBQ, Fiddlehead Ferns And A Single Director’s Chair Left

As I’m writing this entry, it seems that not only was May dreary and wet but June is shaping up to be too. The weather was so bad when we drove up to the Red House for a long Memorial … Continue reading

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A Church Pew Vision and Curry Colored Scrambled Eggs

Spring at the Red House means we are are dealing with a very large tree that toppled over during the winter and we’re not quite sure how to get rid of it since we have two (yes, two!) chainsaws that … Continue reading

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The Year in Food

Sometimes it’s really easy writing this blog, because although it wasn’t meant to be indicative of our times (all pictures, no words), sometimes describing the food I’m growing, cooking and then eating is just easier when there’s a photograph.  So, … Continue reading

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The College Road Trip

It should have started a year ago, but here we were nearly a quarter into our Senior year when we started thinking about colleges we were interested in attending.  I can comfortably say “we” because the daughter in question has … Continue reading

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The Boys Are Back: I Cook

Well, even though I’ve definitely been enjoying my time up at the Red House by not having to cook 3 squares a day to feed the family, by the end of the week I realize (sigh) that while I wasn’t … Continue reading

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A Red House 4th of July

It’s been over a year since we’ve owned the Red House and I’d like to take this opportunity to recap all that we’ve accomplished to date. 1.  We tore down a part of the house that had a kitchen and … Continue reading

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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: You’ll Need the Grill

Since I’m relying on my grill to currently cook all meals up at the Red House, I particularly enjoyed reading Alice Hart’s “Please Read Before Burning,” story that appeared in last week’s food section of the The New York Times. … Continue reading

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A Scary Basement Weekend and Stewart’s to the Rescue

The Red House has a scary basement, trust me.  While we turn the water off when we’re not in residence and make sure the heat is really low (50 degrees), we still have to go down to the basement each … Continue reading

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