Garlic Is Growing

While its been a mild winter and bone dry, the garlic is growing up at the Red House — lots of cute little green shoots poking up through the soil which is encouraging.

Garlic Growing in Very Dry Soil

Not so encouraging is the amount of deer we keep seeing on the property which I know, once spring is in full swing, they will be eating all that I try to grow.  There are certain things I know the deer aren’t too fond of, like jalapenos.  Perhaps they’ll be equally disdainful of the 100+ heads of garlic I’m growing, too?  I should be so lucky.

I’m not particularly fond of the idea of having to stand guard to make sure they don’t get into the garden, but we do have a couple of thoughts in mind.

1. Build a really high fence (think 8 feet). But that will probably be to expensive and time-consuming to construct.

2. Build a smaller fence and put deer repellent around it. (Less expensive but may not work.)

Luckily we found some metal stakes buried underneath some weeds at the back of the garage.  We dug them out, dusted them off, and even in their rusted state, I think we can use them to put together some sort of fence.

The Metal Stakes We Found

We bought a couple rolls of plastic fencing and hopefully, we’ll be able to build the fence high enough so the deer don’t try to jump over it, or worse, do jump and hurt themselves on the jagged edges.

In the meantime, the garlic growing inspired me to do some planting.  We lost one rose bush over the winter, but I came across some lovely blue hydrangeas that I planted on the side of the house.

Some New Hydrangeas

The hostas I planted last summer are coming back to life, too. It will be a lovely spring, I just know it.

Spring Hostas

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