The Toaster Oven That Doesn’t Toast

This is a short story.  We had a toaster oven we had inherited from our son’s ex-girlfriend’s father.  Really.  I put in on a baker’s rack in the Red House and was just lucky that it kind of worked.

Red House "Appliances" - Coffee Maker and Toaster Oven

But the reality was the toaster oven was really small and I saw this new bigger toaster oven on sale one day that I thought would be so much better.  So I bought it and I plugged it in and put in a couple of pieces of bread to make toast one morning.  Except it didn’t have a toast function!  How could you call a toaster oven a “toaster” oven if it doesn’t toast bread!

The New "Toaster" Oven

Needless to say I was shrieking.  Lynn, trying to be positive during my hysteria, thought it was ok to have “warm” bread.  “Warm” bread?  I don’t want warm bread for breakfast the rest of my life I want toast!

This meant I had to go out and buy a real toaster! And maybe I was channeling a little bit of Martha Stewart during this shopping expedition because I couldn’t even find one that matched!  I wanted a black or a stainless steel toaster.  What I got was white and grey. I have to live with that.  Actually, considering we have been living in an unfinished state of white and grey sheetrock going on 2 years now, I guess the new toaster does match….

Old School Toaster

Oh yeah, it works really well, too.  And the “toaster” oven? Well, I made a batch of oatmeal cookies first thing.

First Cookies in the Toasterless Oven

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