The Start of Summer

It being the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation, I decided to splurge a bit on the provisions I would be bringing up to the house for the weekend. Now, I’ve been hauling food up to the Red House for nearly four years and while sometimes it has been a hassle, ultimately we’ve always enjoyed my purchases.

In the winter months whenever we’re driving up to the house after work, I usually leave all my electronics (camera, laptop) and booze in the car. In the summer however, I’m afraid things will “melt” and thus, drag everything into the office with me. This past Friday, therefore, I carried into my office and back out – a laptop, a camera, two bottles of wine, my briefcase and a purse. I piled everything into the car (or so I thought) and started the long drive. Five hours later as we’re unpacking the car, I realized somewhere along the way I lost the cooler! Which meant we had no dinner, which meant we had this:

IMG_7443Somehow I had left a pound of very expensive Florida shrimp (jumbo-size), hand-sliced smoked salmon, a variety of cheeses, and sausages sitting somewhere in my office. Oh and the pork cutlets Lynn had so lovingly made the night before were in the cooler, too.

Luckily I had packed the brioche rolls and some salads in a separate insulated bag so with the tuna we did have some salad and of course wine.

What annoyed me the most (besides the expense) is that knowing I have no food up at the Red House, the cooler should have been the first bag on my shoulder, but it wasn’t. As I was dwelling on this Friday night (and trying to slice a brioche roll with a very sharp steak knife at the same time), I also managed to cut a very deep gash in my thumb which then bled all over my new tile floor which resulted in this:

IMG_7441At this point there wasn’t enough alcohol in the world to forget that what should have been a pleasant start to summer was turning uglier by the minute. So, I just went to bed.

In the morning I remembered what Lynn had started last weekend. He decided after four years of not being able to find any tool he needed quickly, to simply organize everything on a shelving unit. So now all his stuff looks like this:

IMG_7425 I then opened the door to what will eventually be the master bedroom and remembered he had started taking off all the moulding so the room now looks like this:

IMG_7436While we had really wanted to expedite renovating the bedroom, what became a bigger project was assembling the kitchen cabinets and putting them in place. We ran into a problem with one of the corner cabinets however, in that while it should have technically just slid into place, the corner it was supposed to fit into still had one of the original beams of the house. So, after much planning on how to make this work, Lynn simple cut the cabinet so it would fit around the beam making the cabinet look like this:

IMG_7465I went outside. There I found the beginnings of my tomatoes growing as well as the asparagus I had tried to chop down last weekend.

IMG_7459IMG_7454There were also some really pretty flowers that looked like this:

IMG_7461And the first crop of snow peas when picked looked like this:

IMG_7470(PS I love this shot, it came out really neat!)

Anyway, we’re actually going to be away from the Red House for a couple of weeks but know what we have to deal with when we come back. Electrical issues that look like this:

IMG_7426Radiators that need to be painted since we’re having two new wood floors installed in both guest bedrooms.

IMG_7431And a real good cleaning and organization of all the stuff we’ve had to push from room to room to hallway back to room!

IMG_7432On a final note, we have finally brought up every single kitchen cabinet that we need to finish the kitchen. (Yeah!) So hopefully the car will never look like this again!

IMG_7448And eventually the kitchen will resemble something like this:

IMG_7472Just kidding! But it was the only picture I could find in this mess of a Red House.

Happy Summer!

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