We travel to see but we also travel to eat.  With a keen interest in art and architecture, many of our road trips both here and abroad are building-driven.  That said, we’ve traveled to quite a few esoteric places for the sole purpose of seeing a famous building or two. 

Besides building sightseeing, my next favorite thing to do when traveling is to visit a local supermarket.  Since I shop nearly daily at home, I often wander into whatever city supermarket I happen to be in to see what they have on their shelves, checking out their cheese selection, their meat counter, even the condiment aisle!

We are not campers.  We tend to splurge when we’re traveling on both hotels and food.  This is a good thing, really.  Not only are we supporting the local economy, but it gives us many memories to get through the rest of the year until we can get on the road again.

There are many people who hate traveling.  I don’t understand these people.

We’ve had many family dinners recounting places we’ve visited, things we’ve seen, meals we’ve shared.  How cool is it to hear your teenagers remember (and appreciate) where you’ve taken them.  They’re laughing; they look happy.  Teenagers are never happy!  That alone should be enough to make you do almost anything to keep traveling with and without them.  Because even if they don’t go on the trip with you, they’ll always appreciate hearing about your adventures.



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