Making a house a home, not just a place to eat or sleep, is a very big project.  It had been empty nearly a year before I bought it in 2010 with a roof that was collapsing over the back of the house, windows that swung back and forth in their frames and holes in the walls and the floors.  It had no working kitchen and a bathroom that I can only describe as “piss yellow.”

The Red House was originally built in 1850 by Edwin Arnold who was a farmer and a carpenter.  His father, Nathaniel Arnold, fought with George Washington during the Revolutionary War.  There is a lot of history in this house but unfortunately not much was done to preserve it.

My husband Lynn and I are going to change that.  This is the story of the journey.

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  1. Susan Gray says:

    My sister and I bought an 1835 center hall colonial in wretched shape eight years ago. Don’t ask!!! Would love to compare notes. We live in Franklin, NY 13775 (near Oneonta).

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