July 2008

I know that most teenagers love to eat out.  Daily.  You could have the best stocked fridge in the world.  You could even have a personal chef standing by cooking for them à la minute.  They would still want to go out to eat.

I realize it’s a social thing.  They want to be with their friends.  They want to be “seen.”  They want to have a plate filled with lots of food, even if it’s bad food.

The other morning Rachel woke up around 11 a.m., hopped in the shower and went to meet a girlfriend for breakfast at the diner.  When I picked her up later in the afternoon I had to quiz her about what she ate that day.

Me:  (truly innocently) “What’d you have?”

Rachel : “A ham and cheese omelet with a side order of bacon and white toast.  And it only cost us $24.00!”

Me:  (Yelling): “Are you out of your friggin’ mind? You paid $24.00 for an omelet?”  (In real life, I also didn’t say “friggin’ “.)  

Rachel is used to my choice of words so she wasn’t the least bit bothered.

Rachel: “No, the total bill was $24.00, we split it.”

Me: (still yelling) “Do you know how many eggs I could have bought for $24.00?!”

Rachel: “STOP.”

This is her favorite word when she knows I’m right and she’s wrong but she’s a smart cookie.  I pause to catch my breath.

Me:  “And what’d you tip?”

Rachel: “$6.00.”

I sighed.  If nothing else she’s learned tipping skills.

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