June 2009

School is out and there’s still a week before camp starts. Last summer my daughter Rachel lost 11 pounds working as a camp counselor because she didn’t have time to eat lunch.  (She was assigned the four-year-olds and they kept her running.)  Consequently, this week I want to make sure she eats before she’s thrown back into the busy world of tending the little ones at summer camp.

Before I leave for work in the morning, I write her a couple of lists. Hopefully, when she’s reading my notes, it doesn’t sound like a leftover fridge food nightmare. 

Dear Rachel:

If you are hungry please eat the:   

  1. Scooped out potatoes that never made it into mashed potatoes because we decided to have linguine instead.
  2. Above mentioned linguine with some grilled zucchini and roasted tomatoes and garlic
  3. Tuna fish salad (my lunch the day before)
  4. Shredded chicken (Daddy’s lunch the day before)
  5. Leftover chocolate molten cake still in the ramekin.  Nuke it for 10 seconds and slice a strawberry on top.

And because I had to go into “Mom” mode I also added.

  1. Please clean your room.
  2. Your bras are still hanging by the dryer. 
  3. Call me if you go out.

And because we always kiss each other French fashion (on both cheeks), my sign-off was:

Je’t aime.

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