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  1. Mom says:

    At first, I worried about your being up in the hinterlands–much of the time, alone. I worried about your not having a stove, a dishwasher, and too much grass to cut. I worried about the snakes, the mice and other creepy crawlers that pop up at your place.

    But then, after reading your info-packed pieces on line, often tinged with a bit of humor, I felt more at ease with your “situation.” Would love to have sampled some of those dishes you’ve prepared on the outdoor grill. We’ve tried a few on the rare occasions we’ve visited you and enjoyed the meals. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

  2. Irene McCoy says:

    Hi, again.

    Just read your Memorial Day piece; and despite the fact that the weather was very cruddy, the weekend didn’t sound like a total waste. The pork roast looked tasty and I liked the colorful shot of the veggie packets.

    Best of all, it was a true pleasure to see your “meadow” mowed. Hope you can hold on to your landscaper for a while. Lynn needs a break.



  3. Karen Smith says:

    I have just spent the last hour or more pouring over your pictures and reading your stories. The whole process of taking this house from what it was to what you have made it into is just amazing! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see future renovations.

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