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  1. Mom says:

    At first, I worried about your being up in the hinterlands–much of the time, alone. I worried about your not having a stove, a dishwasher, and too much grass to cut. I worried about the snakes, the mice and other creepy crawlers that pop up at your place.

    But then, after reading your info-packed pieces on line, often tinged with a bit of humor, I felt more at ease with your “situation.” Would love to have sampled some of those dishes you’ve prepared on the outdoor grill. We’ve tried a few on the rare occasions we’ve visited you and enjoyed the meals. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

  2. Irene McCoy says:

    Hi, again.

    Just read your Memorial Day piece; and despite the fact that the weather was very cruddy, the weekend didn’t sound like a total waste. The pork roast looked tasty and I liked the colorful shot of the veggie packets.

    Best of all, it was a true pleasure to see your “meadow” mowed. Hope you can hold on to your landscaper for a while. Lynn needs a break.



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